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Harnessing the promise of science in service to society
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20 Years of Trusted Science Advice

For more than 20 years, VISTA Science & Technology has been supporting Canada’s science, research, and innovation community to harness the promise of science in service to society. 

We understand the challenges of managing the science-research enterprise in the face of overwhelming competition not just for funding but also for results and impacts.

Whether you are a researcher/scholar, research administrator, technology transfer practitioner, research funder, corporate executive, entrepreneur, investor, or policy advisor, you will benefit from our independent, evidence-based analyses, advice and solutions.

 harness the promise of science in service to society

Our Science Advisory Services

With our independent, evidence-based analyses, advice and solutions you will:


Manage and mobilize research for enhanced benefits and impact

Gain novel insights and foresight on emerging science, research, and innovation opportunities

Make science and research more accessible, meaningful, and useful

Put research into action


Research Services

To meet growing expectations for research to lead to tangible benefits and impacts, it is more important than ever for research services to be resilient and adaptive.

You can depend on our evidence-based analyses, advice and solutions to keep you at the leading edge of the constantly changing science, research, and innovation landscape.

We offer:

  • Strategic research planning
  • Research prioritizing and positioning
  • Research impact assessments
  • Technology transfer and commercialization assessments

Science Communication

Communicating science has never been more important.  It is how we harness the promise of science.


Entertaining stories engage diverse audiences in new science and research.

Persuasive narratives convince funders that your research is worthy of funding.

Impactful messaging improves adoption of innovative technology.

Cogent arguments get research published in high impact journals.


Your science communications will be more effective in capturing the attention of your target audience and influencing their decisions with our evidence-based analyses and advice.

We offer:

  • Academic writing and editing
  • Proposal writing and consulting
  • Knowledge mobilization

Science & Innovation Policy

Science policies express a nation’s hopes for a brighter future.  From solving social problems to supporting economic growth, and gaining international esteem, the expectations for science policy have never been greater.

With our critical analyses, advice and solutions you will develop evidence-based policies that harness the promise of science in service to society.

We offer:

  • Global science, research and innovation (SRI) policy reviews
  • SRI trend analyses
  • Global knowledge syntheses
  • Policy and program impact assessments

The Promise of Science

The promise of science is a compelling force in society.  It is our collective aspiration for science to guide us to a brighter future. We expect science to find solutions for our most urgent and critical social challenges.  We expect science to drive economic growth and prosperity through innovation.  As a rigorous method of intellectual inquiry, science is our most credible and reliable source of knowledge.  It carries social authority and international esteem.

Given science’s past successes, our belief in the promise of science is well founded.  Science has contributed much to humanity and social progress and we expect that it will continue to do so.

Our investments in science, research and innovation are a testament to our faith and hope in the promise of science.

Harnessing the promise of science to fulfill our expectations is an ongoing challenge for researchers, administrators, practitioners and policymakers.  Funding research, mobilizing science, putting research into action and demonstrating impacts and benefits function and interact in complex, often unpredictable ways.  Understanding this complexity is key to effectively managing the science-research enterprise to realize the promise of science.

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